Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For Immediate Release

New York, November 2, 2009 - Across the street from Penn Station, past the psychic on the way upstairs, and within a former counterfeit handbag store is The Grey Market, an exhibition of twenty-one contemporary artists curated by Daniel Canestaro-Garcia, Andy Cushman and Leah Dixon.

Featuring artists who live and work throughout the United States, and who create art in a variety of media from differing stages in their careers, the work harmonizes in its effort to respond to events and issues received secondhand through a media sources and constant social interactions. The works evoke destruction, decay and conquest tempered by a sense of empathy, and even dark humor amidst an avalanche of information received, processed and channeled through impression and imagination in a consciously voyeursitic, sometimes guilty, seemingly addictive pastime.

Highlights include Noelle Mason’s Ground Control (pictured), Tom Fruin’s metal sculptures that depict housing project buildings that are reminiscent of minimalism, and Kristof Wickman’s surreal, seemingly animated sculptures of bent, brightly colored tombstones.

The Grey Market serves not only as an alternative space, but as a sign of the times: a temporary space created in an abandoned retailer of the fleeting image of wealth. Initially spread across two floors, the exhibition will be condensed into a single floor following the opening weekend, underscoring a sense of claustrophobia and displacement.

Artists and Collaborative Projects

Ryan Bartley; Zachary Bruder; Buffington, Trowbridge & Westbrook; Don Cameron; Tryn Collins; Ryland Cook; Tom Costa; Leah Dixon; Tom Fruin; Heidi Hahn; Eric Hancock; Conrad Keely; Lazerhappy Studios; Noelle Mason; Jeremy McConnell; Geoffrey Owen Miller; Angel Otero; Grear Patterson; Lauren Seiden; Simon Slater & Matt Tackett; Kristof Wickman; and Michael Yinger

Gill and Jill Bumby will provide appearance appraisals during the opening reception.

Media Contact

For additional information or images, please contact:

Andy Cushman or Leah Dixon

E greymarketart@gmail.com

T (917) 744-4042

Image details: Noelle Mason - Ground Control (2006) Wool rug made in Mexico by Jose Antonio Flores and Jonathan Samaniego in exchange for cost of illegally transporting a family of four across the U.S./Mexico border. Depicts thermal imaging of U.S. border. 6 x 8 feet.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

In the beginning...

The Grey Market will launch on two floors of former counterfeit designer handbag stores. This vacant commercial retail space is located directly across the street from Penn Station, in a building whose ground floor is occupied by a psychic.

On this blog we will post articles on each artist participating in the exhibition, along with documentation of the process.